A -Z Claim -- Fraud by Customer and Amazon Employees


OP stated package was sent Fed-Ex, not Canada Post.


This is EXACTLY why you should never, ever sell high priced items on Amazon. Amazon is very well known to be the King of the Scam!


I would not notify Amazon. I would let the RCMP do that in the course of their investigation. You do not want to give Amazon advance warning to cover up what happened or the opportunity to suspend you account for some phony reason.


Amazon is aiding and abetting criminals on a daily basis as protocol.


when you defend your AZ claim you have to make it very easy for Amazon workers to process the AZ claim.
you copy and paste the conversations.
you tell the Amazon workers what they just read, in very simple and clear English terms.

then and only then you stand to win a case.

sometimes Amazon’s workers comprehension is just not sufficient to give a fair judgement.

but, you have to be very clear and let them know you are very certain of your case and that they should reject or deny the false claim.


I’m seeing a lot of return fraud with the new auto-approve returns. The returns get approved and then never get sent back.


We stick to under $50.00. We have even reduced the number you can order to one. We have also started charging a separate shipping fee. Amazon is so scammer friendly we are not even going to advertise anymore here. We have been in business over 40 years and this is the most difficult platform to sell on. I have friends and others who look at me funny when I tell them I sell on amazon. The response these days. Hope you don’t sell crap like the rest of amazon. I believe even honest people steal from us on amazon because they broadcast it to the customers all the time. We have watched amazon keep moving closer to refund with no return for all sellers. Amazon needs 3rd partly sellers and should treat us with more respect. We are people too.


A-Z will always give customer money back. You can file a manage safety claims tab- its under drop down bar on orders.

submit a safety claim attach all the evidence and they will refund you your money. A_Z works soley for the customers. Safety claim works for sellers to reinburse you for dishonest things buyers do.

I have never been turned down a safety claim. Had a person ordered new nike shoes from me. then returned the old nike shoes different years model filed a safety claim and took pictures they reinbursed me. try this route.


I don’t think that we have that option in Canada.


You can turn auto approve off in return settings


maybe it has something to do with Amazon having to ‘deal with congress’ ? maybe they know the door is about to be shut on them?


Fraud right now is the worst I have ever seen it and Amazon’s policies continue to encourage it.

There are only 2 times in over 15 years of selling that I had success getting a criminal caught. One was by calling the Canadian police (they paid the scammer a visit and arrested the individual and found my merchandise, along with boxes galore from other merchants). In the second instance I contacted the HR dept at a U.S. company where an employee had packages delivered on two occasions and on both occasions claimed they “weren’t delivered.” HR spoke with the employee and we got a very quick email within 24 hours from that individual apologizing as they suddenly had “found” the packages.

Definitely recommend calling the local Canadian police. Provide them all the documentation you have.


They are almost always awarded in the customers favor. The question is who funded it, you are Amazon? Amazon funds nearly 100% of mine all the time so I really don’t care. That is their choice. Since I do the same thing on my websites it just saves me money.

As far as everything else like:

[quote=“AKZ_Technologies, post:1, topic:903271”]
as expected when I reach him he mentions that his friend’s nephew work for Canadian Amazon Customer Service has recommended that they work in a team to order high-value merchandise such as electronic, and hardware tools and file A-Z claim with him and his friends and split the refund cost.
[/quote] First of all it’s hear say unless you have it in an Amazon message from him to you. Second, if it was a phone call, it was a violation of Amazon policy to call them I’m pretty sure. Don’t know all the policy on FBA as I only do FBM and I know I’m not allowed to call the customer.

This is going to sound like the old blow off…if you don’t like it, don’t let the door hit you in the a…but it is no secret that Amazon is extremely customer centric. I’ve added my quarterly costs of scammers and fraudsters alike into the cost of my product. I make the honest buyers cover the cost of the dishonest. Crappy deal for the honest? No doubt. Bottom line is that I am a business here to make profit. When I can’t make a profit here because of Amazon policy or any other reason…well…the door won’t hit me in the a… either.

Hopefully you can find a way to add the average loss of a period of time (like a quarter) into your product pricing and it won’t influence sales. Good luck


We had a similar situation in which the wife of an Amazon employee ordered numerous inexpensive items from our toy division. She claimed non-delivery on some, defective on others, then requested a return request, which Amazon simply refunded her the purchase price. I spoke with this woman, who was very rude. She said this is what her husband told her to it this way. I reported this to Amazon, but I don’t have any follow up.


We met familiar problems hundred times and especially this year amazon decisions were careless and against us.

Whats main proof of a delivery? Carrier records right?

If this is correct how a tracking records is negotiable? or reject able by amazon?
For example USPS is a governmental company and we have to trust their system records but amazon does not even shipping label is purchased by them.

There is many double standard in amazon applications. They are moving the ground to where the rain comes? this is not fair and objective also acceptable by sellers! We are not slave !

Another long term relationships handicap with sellers !


Why on earth would your buyer discuss this with you? Is he that certain that Amazon will do nothing about the fraud?


I have a rule never to sell anything on amazon for more than 25.00, and even if I have 100 or 1,000 pieces, I never list more than four at a time. If I get scammed here for anything over a hundred bucks, I’m scared the Mrs. will throw me out, and with the winter weather coming soon, the last thing I need is to be homeless. This morning she made me a bowl of hot oatmeal with sliced up medjool dates, organic Turkish apricots, peanut butter and maple syrup. Everyday I am very moved emotionally by her kindness. I’m not going to let some internet scammers screw up the wonderful life I have built for myself. If I have something of greater value I list it more locally and have the buyer meet me at the local police station to do the transaction. This way if they try to pull any funny business, the police are watching from the window.
Happy Holidays!
Uncle Charlie


That may be correct, but that Amazon employee may have provided suggestions and emboldened the scammer.

Both Amazon employees and Amazon buyers know the loopholes; More and more of them are not hesitating exploiting them.


This one should be brought up to Amazon higher level.


I hope congress hobbles Amazon just below the knee caps.