How can I report buyer?


:thinking: @HILTIMASTER, I understand that they don’t have a scanner, but can someone at CVS take a picture of the signature with their phone and email it to you?

You still need to contact UPS. It is their responsibility to provide you with a scanned image.


I asked exactly what you suggest and they said no. I refund already this morning, know I am thinking what I will write to this costumer because my time is almost gone 24 Have just 1 hour


I agree with everything you just said, its not my case at this point. I will replace, refund anything the point is he will do the same and I believe the UPS point is very small and they know him very well they told me his complete name and the time he went there to pickup, but UPS do not update tracking number because this CVS can not scan the packages is work like old times.


Just give the guy another product. And think of it as a marketing expense. With a nice note inside and that’s all.


Some things I do not see addressed in the thread - you shipped with UPS - your own account or through a UPS Store or CVS location or other UPS authorized sender (like Staples)?

The package was apparently delivered to a CVS location for pick-up by the Amazon buyer? Was this the buyer’s address request at the time of the sale or did UPS forward the package to CVS at the buyer’s later request instead of it being delivered to the address on the Amazon sales record?

When you shipped the package you had to declare a value. Did the declared value cover the cost of the package if it was lost?

Do you require a signature upon delivery? UPS is not required to get a signature unless you request it and pay additional for the service. There is also the option for no forwarding of the package to anywhere except the delivery address - also at an additional cost.

If CVS is acting as an agent of UPS and you paid for signature delivery then you could file a claim with UPS. However be aware unless the claim is basically an open and shut case UPS will deny it and they can be very difficult to deal with (example of open and shut: we had a package delivered to us that was damaged and the UPS driver noted it on his delivery record. We filed a claim with pictures, they checked the driver’s record and approved the claim in 4-days).


That’s something customer support can help you with. At least they did a few years ago. Personally, I don’t even look at the feedback anymore. But they maybe able to delete the negatative feddback for you.


All UPS stores have scanners. Item is required to be scanned to be released. File an insurance claim with UPS.


That’s kind of a veiled threat. don’t think it’s really reportable. Amazon will favor the customer without more proof.

Although it reminds me of the days when I’d play Sid Meyers “Civilization” vs the computer and the Roman opponent’s AI would message me with a “extortion attempt” that was something along the lines of “Nice little civilization you got there. It would be a shame if something were to ‘happen’ to it”


It does NOT work that way. The UPS DRIVER has the scanner on his/her belt and scans the package(s) when it/they are dropped off.

The DRIVER then has the person at CVS sign to acknowledge that they have received the package.

Many times UPS will WAIVE the signature requirement but then THEY are responsible for any lost items.

As Lake has noted a couple of times already, the problem you have is with UPS and no one else.


I would let them file item not received claim to Amazon since you sent the parcel to the (CVS?) address the buyer had on record using Amazon buy shipping. You can use or modify JwsMarkets’ verbiage about opening an A to Z posted earlier. When you send the message to the customer, re-read it and try to re-check your spelling and use of grammar.

Unfortunately Amazon is going to show up as the ship on record and not necessarily you so you can’t even contact UPS. If you resend it again, I guess it’ll go to CVS again and you might be in the same predicament.

As far as negative feedback you may get a negative feedback no matter what you do. All most all of negative feedback is from those committing fraud, ice cream leaving feedback for another seller whose product is in the same check out basket or not getting a refund because they simply asked for it.


Contact the buyer ONCE and give them the steps on how to make a report on Amazon for an item not received. You can find a message template somewhere in the forums. Let Amazon handle it from there.

Make sure you double-check your spelling when you respond. You don’t want to talk about receiving a massage (muscle rubbing) from a costumer (a person that makes costumes). I don’t say that to be cruel, but it’s really important that you be as professional as possible when dealing with customers and Amazon.


sarcasm so subtle :grinning:


I don’t understand, are you the OP?


Make the call to UPS where is my order ? Make a claim give it to Amazon and the customer just play it until you know where it went


Amazon does recognize replacement shipments, If you send another tool the customer can just say they never received the first shipment and Amazon will issue them a full refund even if you have signature, photo of them signing and anything else. Your safest bet is a full refund.


get money back


Notify amazon before the customer complains about the screenshot of the article.


It might help if you take a screenshot and report it to amazon. After all, there are as many fake sellers as there are on amazon.


happens all the time amazon is all about the customers which it should be but the refund policy is crazy!! people can say whatever they want and Get a full refund really hurts the amazon sellers especially when people r doing it over and over again


I gave so many refund and free products to fraud customers to save my metrics. I had so many painful ups and down. What can we do about our metrics that Amazon not able to think from our side.