I Say Goodbye to Amazon


Again, who really cares.

If their “policy” is that bad the amazon market place would be a ghost town. Only sellers that have stopped selling on here is due to amazon giving them the boot.


OP gets 226 likes from a rant. What’s this forum coming to?


LOL. Very amusing thread. As if we had a union here.:joy:


The count is up to 231. :sunglasses:

We have never seen a count so high.

Must have tapped into something real.


I can’t even count that high. The list of people looks made up.


Try this:


Hee… well that is the question.


Can’t agree more with the OP Amazon is terrible. Ebay and shopify make them look silly.


Beat me. My personal best is 230.


Except at the single most important thing to Sellers, sales volume. Seriously, please enough of the eBay, Sears, Etsy, Shopify, or whatever other platform you can find while trolling the darknet. If you are a legit Seller, then there is no place like Amazon.


Just click your heels 3 times…

(sorry about the low hanging fruit) :grinning:


Do you know Amazon only have mouth but no ear.? That’s why a lot sellers that have been taken advantage by Amazon will be happy on every fall Amazon get into by karma such as disaster or employee issues and warehouse issues and dealing with a lot of legal issues.


Post a 4 sentence exit rant, get your rookie numbers up!




But I would be worried they were all just expressing their appreciation of my leaving.


Apparently you cared enough to respond :wink:


I find it amusing that If you complain that Amazon restricted an item the watch dogs tear your head off but if Etsy does it, it’s grounds for a boycott. I doubt Etsy misses one seller’s contribution any more than Amazon will.

Not supporting either platform here just pointing out the double standard.

Some of you are so obsessed with Amazon you can’t respond to a friendly goodbye with well wishes.

I for One see both platforms as a tool for profit, the same tool isn’t right for every seller or every product.

I wish you prosperity. Happy selling!


If S.2992 becomes law, maybe it would be worthwhile to come back, or not to have left in the first place. Things could be getting marginally better for 3PS. (I didn’t read the entire thread to see if there were irreconcilable differences.)


It won’t.

Damage has been done and since we found other methods to move our product line amazon is just part of the mix. Even if S.2992 would manage to pass it will be the same culture behind the scenes. Same old song, just a different record label…


So, this vendor left Amazon. And took some bitter parting shots on his way out. Yet: Amazon is still in business! IT’S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!


I understand and respect the frustration…frankly, though, I have found making declatory “I’m taking my ball and going home” will not make any difference. “RISE UP?”

NO THANKS. Believe me, when Monday rolls around and I have 10-20 returns to sort through @ $30 bucks a return (more if they destroyed my item), I get it.

But, in the end, for all the bad, there is some profit left.

Did the whole own website thing and spent hours learning html, seo, etc. All for handful of orders.

So, yeah