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Looks are NOT deceiving. It looks exactly like what it is. The issue is, that you have ZERO double blind studies to back ANY of your claims. ALL claims from users can be placebo. If you believe in this with your whole being, then do it the right way. Have clinical studies done of the safety and efficacy of your product and request approval from the FBA as a medical device. If approved you will make many millions. Until you do that, its still snake oil. If it looks like snake oil and smells like snake oil…

I am retired Physician and i would never prescribe something with ZERO clinical trials that looks like a gimmick.


It wasn’t


Since your website is selling this item with positive reviews, my suggestion would be to quit shipping the product yourself and let Amazon FBA handle those sales. Drive traffic from your site to Amazon for purchase and fulfillment until you get a decent amount of generic reviews.


You are also one of the closed mind ones too. My own doctor used to send people my way. You are the age that does get leg cramps so let me send you a pair. Please give it a give a fair trial and let me know your thoughts in private if you choose.


I asked her to make a video of her experience with my strap and this is what she sent me. This lady would get six to seven leg cramps per night she was consulting with two neurosurgeons at that time. She saw my product and out of desperation she bought them. While she was using them she suffered two leg cramps in a six month period, so yes it works in the worst cases. She has since had back surgery and no longer has leg cramps put she still uses them for foot cramps. I looked into doing a clinical study but because I’m going to be retiring this year I don’t want to spend 20,000 to 30,000. The potential to make millions is true but what comes with that also comes with a huge responsibility. I don’t want to deal with that responsibility so I take it from a grass roots level, just my preference.


Thank you


You strike as a reasonable guy. I would like to send you a pair free of charge. Once you use these you won’t need pickle juice.


Still can’t find my product on but sold three. I’m trying to fix my listing but not having a lot of luck. I think I will have to let my inventory expire and restock at a later date using the specs from and see if that will fly.


This is without importance. Amazon is not interested in knowing or verifiying if it works or not. Amazon is just strictly applying the laws. So if you break some FDA laws, your product will not show up IF a bot is discovering it.

You really have to consulte the website of the FDA. Even having the results of a clinical study, most health affirmations ARE NOT ALLOWED to publish, neither in an Amazon listing nor on your website.


Thanks Brigitte all good info. I need to back to the KISS mentality (keep it simple stupid).


P.S. I believe you that it is not Snake Oil.


Give me the medical and physiological reason why it works. Give me the science behind your device. What is the body’s physiological response to reduce a hamstring cramp due to putting a piece of felt on your toe. How does those particular toes affect the kinetic chain on a muscle 3 joints removed?

Please explain your science doctor.

There is NO science, Your product is fake and you are a snake oil salesman.


And how old am I? I DO NOT have leg cramps. I can deadlift 450 lbs, bench press 350, and squat 400 lbs. But your assumption that I am OLD is as closed minded as your product.


Didn’t you say you were retired? You will find out when you get near 50. Hamstring cramps is more the norm for males, calf and foot cramps is the norm for females.


I’m really enjoying this you are so much fun to have around!
This is the disclaimer I have on my listings

Keep in mind the terminology is coming from a Heavy Duty Mechanic who has had an obsession with leg cramps since I had them twelve years ago. If I wasn’t a mechanic savvy on electronic controls for machinery I would have never figured this strap out. I no longer have leg cramps because I use my straps when going to bed. Here is a little piece I wrote.
The Root Cause of Nocturnal and Idiopathic Leg and Foot Cramps
Author Jim Watts Jan. 9 2021
Nocturnal and idiopathic leg cramps have been a chronic problem for generations. To date most treatments for leg cramps have been trial and error. Doctors and researchers could not have a treatment to rely on when they don’t have clear evidence as to what causes this condition. Eight years ago I found the answer to this condition and created the Stopacramp strap. Leg and foot cramps actually are a subconscious response to the signals sent from our nerve sensors.
During our formative years we learn to walk and run, these learned abilities are programmed into our brains and nervous systems. These programs are the root cause of nocturnal and idiopathic leg cramps. Our brain receives information from our muscles and sensors. This information is received on two levels, conscious and subconscious. Walking and running commands such as speed and direction are done on a conscious level. Muscle balance is achieved on a subconscious level due to the speed and complexity of commands. Muscle balance for our legs and feet are influenced by our nerve sensors in our feet and toes. The toes are our balance and footing sensors, they dictate what muscles or portions of a muscle group need to be adjusted to maintain the finer requirements for footing, balance, speed and direction.
Nocturnal leg cramps normally occur when we are in our deepest sleep stages, when our conscious mind is least engaged. Our subconscious mind however is functioning at a lower level but, still engaged with our bodies sensors and will respond by waking our conscious mind or moving for comfort when needed.
Regarding nocturnal or idiopathic leg and foot cramps, our footing and balance sensors are the big, second and third toe of each foot. Often when the toes become out of line during sleep, they send a signal to the brain that sends a command for the leg and foot muscles to respond with a reflex or subconscious contracting of the leg and or foot muscles to correct our footing.
Nocturnal or idiopathic leg cramps normally start around fifty years of age, this has been the focus of my research. Shrinking muscle tendons is the first stage of nocturnal or idiopathic leg cramps. Some people can also start having leg and foot cramps after knee, foot or hip surgery. Those who have had the surgery
mentioned above, can sometimes but not always find relief by using insoles or braces but for normal people without surgery this is rarely effective.
Shrinking muscle tendons alter muscle tension or pressure output signals which gives the brain incorrect information. Shrinking muscle tendons also can pull the toes slightly out of line. This sends a signal to the subconscious mind that our footing and stance need to be corrected and what muscle group needs to contract. This isn’t as much of a problem for most during waking hours, because our conscious mind can overrule this signal. The conscious mind can’t when it is disengaged during sleep.
Being asleep however is not the only time the subconscious mind will send the signal to our legs and feet to contract. It is just the most common time.
What our bodies have learned and are programmed to do is developed in our formative years and remains that way through our lifetime.
Around fifty years of age our bodies experiences change that will alter how we move and the signals our bodies sensors transmit. The programmed responses at a subconscious level work with this information but, now the information from our nervous system is no longer accurate. Some also start to experience problems with balance and coordination at this age and older, this is a time when leg and foot cramps will start for most.
Some of those afflicted with leg and foot cramps will notice an upward or downward movement of the big or second toe. Some people will feel their toes start to curl during leg or foot cramps, others will feel vibration occur in one or several toes. When this occurs, stand on the leg that is cramping and press the heel of the other foot onto the big, second and third toe. The cramping or relief from the cramp will stop in seconds. This is because our sensors for footing and balance are put in a neutral state making the need to subconsciously contract leg or foot muscles unnecessary.
What the Stopacramp strap does is keep the big, second and third toe in line with each other. This prevents a false signal to our subconscious mind and prevents a reactive contracting of the leg or foot muscles.
For those who suffer from nocturnal cramps, preventing being woken up in the middle of the night is a top priority. The outset of a leg cramp can cause great distress and pain during and after a leg cramp, sometimes for days. This can only cause a negative impact on one’s life.
The Stopacramp strap is the only device that directly addresses the problem that has been overlooked all throughout history. Medical research has touched upon the root cause of these leg and foot cramps many times in many studies over the years. What hasn’t been looked at is the bodies programming for movement, only chemical composition or medication as being the correct means of treatment.
Magnesium, potassium, hydrating, vitamins and Quinine are what doctors use as a possible treatment. Magnesium and Potassium have been proven through countless worldwide studies at a University and medical research level to be more of a placebo. Hydrating does work for some depending on exercise and meeting the needs for hydration due to some illnesses and medications. Quinine works in prescribed doses but is no longer prescribed due to the serious risk factors involved, the heart and vision being the most at risk.
In one study that stands out for me the researchers blocked the medial branch of the deep peroneal nerve which was successful in preventing leg cramps for twelve weeks, with no negative side effects.
The Stopacramp strap, when used properly, places the deep peroneal and plantar nerve in a neutral position and prevents leg and foot cramps from starting or occurring under normal conditions at all times night or day. So far this is the only treatment that works under most conditions to my knowledge.

Here is a little piece I wrote up


Thank you Yuppee. I do have it FBA on And yes I think you are right. I had them FBA on but none sold I’m sure due to my poor listing skills.

Can't find my listing on but no problem on

I meant FDA, but you dont know enough to recognize the typo.


You’re right I did read it wrong. FDA isn’t needed when it comes to aids such as braces which is what this actually is. FDA should be involved when it comes to people who sell products with QUININE in big letters on the label, they should also be involved with those who claim magnesium is treatment for leg cramps when there is no conclusive evidence in many medical studies.


I’ll give you credit, your abbreviation is sentence structure are good.


Thanks Brigitte it does work better than anything out there short of Quinine. I also find many in the medical profession are reluctant to look at things from a different perspective. You are a breath of fresh air here.