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WOW, just WOW. You have no idea what you are talking about. If I may ask what is your level of education?

Lets start with your keyword the term Idiopathic. relating to or denoting any disease or condition which arises spontaneously or for which the cause is unknown. The cause of leg cramps are NOT idiopathic. You might not know the reasons, and they may be undiagnosed, but the cause of leg cramps is studied heavily and the causes are very well known. 37% do NOT have Idiopathic leg cramps. Again, they may be undiagnosed, but they are not of unknown origin. The reason more women have calf foot and ankle pain is because they wear heels. Most women maintain a foot in extension throughout the day which causes myofascial issues mostly in the calf and hips. Strapping a piece of felt around a toe does nothing to unwind the microtrauma caused on a daily basis by maintaining that posture. Proper footwear is your first line of treatment.

Men have a higher propensity for “hamstring cramps” because of lower cross syndrome mostly due to beer bellies or weak abdominals. The reason I put quotations on “hamstring cramps” is because they arent really cramps. Most men who do develop hamstring symptoms are actually having sciatica, which can feel like cramping. The origin of these symptoms are piriformis syndrome or lumbar disc degeneration. NEITHER will be helped by “aligning” the toes.


It’s great to have you around Yuppee! The term idiopathic means no known causative reason. Known means a certainty or fact. Medical science has a scatter gun approach to causes of leg cramps from medication to disease which I don’t need to go into at this point. Yes all leg cramps do have a cause and I’m pointing out one the medical society has missed or ignored. The points you made in your statement don’t hold water in a lot of cases such as women in heels. Many women wear sensible shoes in later years and in later years is when women suffer the most from leg cramps so there goes your shoe theory. My devise will not be effective in shoes that allow little toe movement but they will be in open toe sandals not flip flops.
Have you ever asked a patient what their toes do during a leg cramp? Why is it common for nocturnal leg cramps to occur during our deepest sleep times such as around 3am? These things you don’t know but I do.
This all started with my own hamstring cramps which were not sciatica, my hamstring muscle would literally go into an “S” shape and the pain could last for days. I myself was in excellent health at the time and I’m not the only one who was in this shape and suffered hamstring cramps.
Why do pregnant women suffer leg cramps only during pregnancy? I’m sure you will give me the same threadbare reason so many hear.
It all comes down to nerve outputs and the brains processing of information from our bodies sensors and the muscles themselves. Three of those sensors are our big, second and third toe, when they are held in line during sleep then that gives the signal our footing is stable. Our three toes work on a subconscious level which is why when the get pushed out of line during sleep they can bring on a leg cramp to correct our footing or stance.
One of the roots for idiopathic leg cramps is muscle tendons. During growing spurts children often get “growing pains” this is due to changing muscles, tendons and the brains ability to reprogram muscle movement to accommodate the change. This can cause muscle strain and cramping. I don’t have enough research with children regarding my straps to come to any conclusions.
Pregnant women have a constant changing of their center of gravity which then again creates muscle strain and cramping. There again I don’t have enough research with pregnant women regarding my strap to come to any conclusions.

Older individuals have the problem of shrinking tendons, this is the root of leg cramps in older people. The older we get the harder it is to reprogram our muscle movement to accommodate the change. Nerve inputs and outputs also change to give information our bodies are showing.
The muscle tendons of our toes change and that information sent to the brain is where the problem lies. Our toes can pull up or down which sets off a chain reaction to increase muscle tension in our legs and as a result a cramp is formed.
You are also dead wrong with the statement "NEITHER will be helped by “aligning” the toes. I can prove it if you are open minded enough to try it but I would be surprised if you gave it a fair trial.

With hamstring cramps our second toe want to go up or our third toe wants to go down. With calf cramps our second toe want to go down or our big toe wants to go up. My strap prevents that movement and therefor prevents nocturnal leg cramps in a vast majority of people.

I hope to hear back from you soon.


Your logic and reasoning have no physiological merit. This is why I asked this specific question you keep avoiding. What is your level of education? I didnt just read a few articles on the internet. I studied hard for 10 years in school and then practiced this type of medicine for 20. You are making statements that are proven to be categorically false.


You are literally trying to put a bandaid on this problem. A practitioner should treat the disease and not the symptoms. You are attacking a symptom in the toes, whereas the issue is in the hamstring. Proper physical therapy, foam rolling, yoga, and exercise will alleviate the VAST majority of patients. Unfortunately you can’t make $2 that way so your solution is to put a bandaid on the toe to treat the hamstring, which has no merit. Thus, any claimed efficacy is placebo and yes it is SNAKE OIL.


Twelve years of information gathering from real users begs me to differ.


I will answer that but lets take a look at your credentials. It takes between 6 to 8 years to earn a PHD why did it take you ten? Your attitude on this thread has been very unprofessional based on the implies barbs and insults directed at myself. Your answers regarding the cause of leg cramps is so off the mark to those with this problem it make me question your credibility as a doctor and an educated professional. Twenty years in medicine and you give that lucrative career up to sell on Amazon? Once more the red flags appear. University I have not attended but have received training and certification in other institutions. Lets go over my accomplishments. I do not have an engineering degree but in 1980 I redesigned the steering column for Heavy Duty Mack trucks. The following year they employed my design in 77% of their trucks. I am not a patent lawyer but I have penned several patent applications over the years and I presently own one of my own patents which is registered in C.I.P.O. and W.I.P.O.

It is now 14 years since I began having hamstring cramps and like most people they started off slowly. I saw several different Doctors at that time but no matter what advice from them I followed the nocturnal cramps still came. One day while sitting at my kitchen table I pondered " what is it about me that causes these cramps". My toe joints are badly damaged due to RA so thinking with the mind of a Mechanic, I thought is it possible my misaligned toes are bringing on my leg cramps? That was a part of the problem but not the whole problem. I made the first strap then and wore it for a month with no nocturnal leg cramps. I thought I must be making too big a deal out of this it can’t be working that well. I left it off for two weeks and I was hit with the most painful hamstring cramp yet. I put the strap on hoping it would help, not only did it help it stopped the cramp in seconds. I then started seeking volunteers for both hamstring and calf cramps, the results of tests were impressive. One of my test subjects had leg cramps after his knee operation in 1976, since wearing the strap he has not had them since. I studies functions of skeletal muscle and the nervous system over the years through Doctors, books and yes the internet to establish a better idea of the condition, I work at this daily and belong to three academic societies as a result of my research. I hope this answers your question. As far as my offer to give you my device to try out I believe you would not give it a fair trial so that offer no longer stands. My statements have not been proven to be categorically false. The debates still rage on however. I’ve answered your questions and have wasted enough time on this thread even though I have enjoyed it at times.


WOW. You know nothing, so you start personal attacks. All that I have done is explain to you in detail why no doctors will touch your product. There isn’t an ounce of science to support it. Your claims that you just know better than the doctors is laughable.

10 years isn’t even the entire schooling you have to go through. I didnt include residency so its actually closer to 12 years. Since you are trying to attack me, I will give you the truth. I am fully retired and live in Bali. I run an Amazon account to have something to do besides chase women, scuba and kiteboard. I sold my practices and now rent the properties.

I wont respond again. I was speaking with truth with science and you are just a stubborn A ----, tryin gto knock someone that is clearly smarter than you. Good luck to you and your ridiculous snake oil.