Better Returns Process - Let down by Amazon


You are trying to argue normal-service-logic vs. Amazon-policy. You can’t win with that. asking for photos can only be done if you already auth’d a return.

Here’s your free label, you’ll get a refund…
oh but also if you wouldn’t mind, we can try this…

You can do both, not just only ask for a pic.


Well duh, any reasonable person or business understands this completely. Just not the morons at Amazon.


ALWAYS direct the customer to the return process. Always.
Amazon likely didn’t let you down on this one; You did. Sorry.


I have not lost any money to A to Z Claim yet. But I use When you get the item back, take pictures of it and if the customer is wrong you can file a Safe T claim, which I have not lost yet, and they will end up reversing the charges.

But you only have 48 hours to respond to a request for return. That is why I have mine set up on automatic. You have to grant the return. You have too. Once you get the item back, then you can seek damages. But if you use Amazon shipping, they cover it. About half the time they never return it.

Dishonest customer know how to manipulate the system.

You do have recourse. When I went from FBA to FBM, I thought I did not have any recourse on these improper returns. But we do.


If you do not authorize the return in 48 hours, then you leave yourself wide open. Many time they will not return. They know this and are trying to pull one over on you.


I totally agree with you on this post about not complaining on these forums, you’ll get the same hand full of responses over and over about falling the status quo, stop complaining customer service is king etc etc. I agree with you about thinking outside of the box which is true but unfortunately in this case a lot of the comments are true. We are on a platform that is run by a set of rules that we all must follow, as much as we may hate it they still need to be followed. I like to look at all returns as a cost of doing business on a platform and not worry about it whatsoever because at the end of the day it’s a tax right off on my business and the cost of doing business on here which I can tell you’re very much aware of. We will never I say compete against some of those buyers who maybe a little or a lot dishonest because at the end of the day we are in the business of customer service yes it sucks sometimes but I feel this platform really does have a lot more benefits to our company then there are negatives just my opinion all the best cheers.



(I know you’re a stickler for proper usage :slight_smile: )


When Selling on Amazon it is a prerequisite that you MUST accept Buyer Returns without requiring anything more from the Buyer. If they say it arrived Damaged your response should ONLY be “Please Return it for a Full Refund”.

Requiring the Buyer to do ANYTHING before Returning the item will GUARANTEE that you will lose the A-Z Claim every time.

Amazon is SUPPOSED to “Refund at First Scan” on a Return package. IF this is done per Amazon policy it should avoid any A-Z Claim from the Buyer.

Amazon systems allow for the Seller to file a Safe-T Claim on the Return IF the item was returned in “Materially different condition” from when shipped. The Safe-T Claim is supposed to reimburse the Seller in cases where the Buyer has abused the Return policy,

Unfortunately, once filed, IF the Seller “WINS” the Safe-T Claim than the Buyer is debited for the amount and could then file a Negative Feedback Review for the transaction that Amazon will NOT remove.

So you, the Seller must decide how much of a Loss to absorb to avoid a possible Negative Feedback reply.

Good Luck!


Yes, thank you.


This very thing happened to us today. Customer said their item arrived damaged. Return was authorized with a prepaid label.

Customer never returned the item but Amazon granted them their money back for an A to Z claim. sigh


And in your instance Amazon was wrong, I certainly hope that you appealed and/or filed a SAF-T claim.


For cases of damaged items i have templates that basically say “if you can provide us
at least 1 clear image (simply reply to this email and attach it and we will get it) of the damaged item, we will authorize a returnless refund or ship an immediate replacement. If you can not or do not want to provide an image of the damaged item, it will need to be returned for a refund. We hope offering you this option of providing an image to expedite the return/refund process will ensure your satisfaction with our customer service and we apologize that your order was damaged in transit, etc… please let us know how you would like to proceed. If you simply want to return the item, please use the attached prepaid label.” We then use the pirateship labels that dont charge you unless they are used. This template varies depending on whether theyve opened a return request already or just contacted me through messaging and i add appropriate messaging based on those situations and the initial message or request received.


That’s great and what I was going to suggest. Offer both so you are still authorizing the return (amazon win, gold star) but also giving the option of a picture.


No, the buyer could be a good person and send some photos instead of sellers having to become bigger and bigger pushovers while giant corporations get richer and richer.


You are at the mercy of the A-Z team which is undeniably inconsistant.

I had a return request that was never returned and buyer was able to file a-z over 50 days later, get a full refund immediately, keep the item and I was never notified of any of it till I saw a debit in my payouts and a lovely hit to my ODR .

I appealed and 3 weeks later claim status still shows:
Under review
No action currently required


I agree that we should NEVER give the customer a job to do and I add do not negotiate with the customer regarding condition issues.

Aside from our customer/Amazon connection our most valuable commodity is time.
Why waste time on the last sale!


I have a similar situation and for me it is not eligible for Safe-T-Claim nor have I received a reply to my A-Z appeal.
When trying to file Safe-T claim I get this message:
Orders with an A-to-z claim are not eligible to file claim ([you have the ability to Appeal an A-to-z Guarantee claim]


To say I don’t empathize wouldn’t be true, I do. But to have any chance at gaining some degree of satisfaction hinges on following the return policies. To deviate from that is asking for problems. Is it a perfect system? NO! But it’s a system we agreed to when we decided to sell on this platform. Am I “pro Amazon”, yes and no. I see ways for the platform to be run better, but that’s not my call. This is a customer centric platform, as it should be, but in saying that, well, I do wish they’d be more on our side when it comes to some issues. Everyone has had their issues with customers who want to be difficult, but we still have to follow policy, like it or not. Sometimes I just have to grin and bear it, knowing that the platform I’m using reaches more customers then I could ever reach any other way.


Amazon want to delight the customer. Sellers go along to get along. Plus, you are responsible for the item until it is delivered. I feel for you. We do not even deal with any of it. (Exception marked delivered did not receive. We then sent them to amazon.) We fight zero claims. Our time is too valuable. We make profit every year, so we let the accountant and taxes take care of it. We are FBM


Unfortunately, this isn’t generally an option, as the window for filing claims with most carriers is shorter than the time it takes for the customer to open/use the item, realize there’s a problem, file a complaint/return, figure out the label (pretending they even see the message or log in frequently), get the item to the carrier, plus return transit time.

This is one of many gaps between Amazon policy and the real world, where Amazon never explictly says “in these cases you’re likely to be out money and product and should factor that into the cost of selling on the platform” but that’s the reality. Of course, the option to hand Amazon nearly all your profits and let them deal with the problem is there, so … yea?