Better Returns Process - Let down by Amazon


we have found that at least usps will not honor photos of damage , they use to and filing a claim was easy , now you must take damaged item to post office to see and fill out a form to submit a damage claim , so might as well get a return, then process claim


Did you buy the shipping label from Amazon? If yes, you may be able to SAFE T Claim since it was damaged according to the buyer. You just need to take a picture and attached it to your T-safe claim.


I understand you are offering a “Return-less Refund” in exchange for photos, and I hope this works for you, but Forum history concludes that requiring the Buyer to do ANYTHING other than Return the item will mean an Automatic A-Z Claim Loss.

Just take the Return back and then decide if it is worth taking the Negative Feedback hit to file the Safe-T Claim.

Good Luck!


The truth is sellers get prejudice with this system and it needs to be improved. Amazon themselves break things it could be broken before it leaves This said I will ok the return and ask a question like what is broken and open a case with Amazon and the carrier they have a process and its objective If you suspect the customer is abusing you still ok the return and search for abuse in seller central fill another report while it’s still fresh in your mind. Print out the case number it’s up to 45 days that’s Amazon I got some it’s ongoing for months and lost


This is actually not true. The policy is that a customer has to have contacted a seller regarding a particular order before they can open an AtoZ. There are no rules regarding what that contact must entail, nor when they must have placed it.

So for example, a common scam taught on the groups/channels that teach these scumbags how to defraud us to to message the seller immediately after placing an untracked order with the message “what’s my tracking number?”. Then, three days after the delivery date, they open an AtoZ, and are auto0matically refunded. Shot in the dark, the seller doesn’t even get a chance to address it.

Amazon needs to change this process that the customer must message the seller AFTER the quoted delivery standard, OR that a formal “refund” request should be made using the return interface. I have faith that this will be addressed eventually, because under the current system, if you ship using lettermail, at any given time, you are under the threat of suspension if several such seemingly innocent tracking number inquiries are actually snakes in the grass.

This is actually the case though. The sooner you accept this as reality, and start working from within that paradigm, the sooner your stress level will drop, and your bank account balance will rise.

  1. I am not requiring them to do anything other than return for a refund. I’m offering them an option not otherwise available to them, to make their life easier and the transaction smoother. The return request menu doesn’t allow them to ask for a returnless refund or replacement. It’s something I would have to offer them. If you see that as a customer is REQUIRED to do anything other than return for a refund, then you misread my comment. would you prefer to take a picture on your phone and send an email OR print out a label, find something to put your return back into, package it up, drive to the post office and wait anywhere from 3-10 days for your credit or replacement to be sent? I’m fine with either option… but as a customer which would you prefer? I don’t offer this option to everyone either. Just those with damaged orders.

  2. My items are NOT available for Safe-T claims because I am in handmade and everything I do is custom. Something about the completely custom nature of what I sell makes them ineligible. It is what it is. So thats not something I would be able to even take into consideration.


I wasn’t writing about what Amazon does, I was writing about what the SHOULD DO. YES some sort of action should take place before an A to Z claim is opened whether it be buyer’s ⁵and contacting the seller or officially opening up a return request. In summary Amazon "SHOULD"№ have a buyer first contact the seller to resolve an issue before any it is a claim opened or is granted


How are they incorrect “assumptions” when you spelled out your demands on the customer in your first post?
Rather than authorizing a return, as per Amazon policy, you instead told the customer that they had to take a photo (assuming they have a camera), and upload it to you (assuming that they know how), for them to get the refund.
Nothing assumed here; you’re not following the policy that you agreed to follow when you signed up.

As stated previously, offering this as an alternative to the standard return process is okay; but not authorizing the return is a violation of the TOS.

As for “easier”, I know plenty of people (mostly of an older demographic), for whom the complexity of taking a photo and attaching it to a message is far more difficult to comprehend than handing a package to their mail carrier, or dropping it in the UPS box. Don’t assume that your customers would rather work on YOUR terms than the standard Amazon terms, which you agreed to abide by.

That’s the critical part; make it an option for the customer. Not an option for you to remove options for the customer.


Thats right! Common Sense does’t work on the Amazon Selling System…
Rule # 1, Customer Always Right, whatever happened is our cost.
Rule # 2, Amazon Always Right.
Rule # 3, Fellows here already experienced all the troubles you have met or you are going to meet, their opinions are the short cut to the finial answer.


why do you think they dont do this! Because amazon is corrupt themselves!! It will never change, this is why people use amazon, they can get away with doing as they please and amazon will hide behind their stinking policies. Until sellers get a group together and boycott them they will continue to abuse sellers


Amazon’s policies are always in Buyers favour,so You will have to prove that product was not damaged which is quite difficult and best way is to request him to remove claim and refund.