Dark Mode Seller Feedback Wanted


Long ago I adjusted the brightness and contrast on my desktop monitor.


Same. I also use f.lux and keep the screen slightly yellowish to reduce the blue-light glare.


I personally think this is a FAR better use of resources than… the resources used to change the cancelation procedure… that wasn’t actually broken… lol


Folks, Dark Mode would be an OPTION to enable, not forced onto everyone.

And to reiterate from the original topic:


True, or just allow us to enable, I REPEAT, enable the ability to allow any cancellation to automatically go through if no label has been purchased yet or tracking uploaded for the order.


Ok, y’all know the Forum Amazonians can’t do anything about allll these other issues you’re bringing up, right??? :roll_eyes:

:woman_facepalming: I think a lot of folks have missed more than one point in this topic, yeesh.

Everyone making it about themselves instead of a yes/no vote to enable the Dark Mode feature option in the Forum’s Discourse software–yes, I’m talking to you.


I feel that dark mode is something that most people do not realize that they want or need until they switch to it. I have tried extensions (including those recommended by the amazon team on here) that enable dark mode - they are mostly good but all are flawed in ways that currently make the site harder to use.
yes, make dark mode, even those that do not ask for it might eventually be glad that you did.


Well… that would cause issues for those of us that use the API. Once software grabs the order, it’s a lot more difficult to cancel.


Yes please Dark Mode an option!!!

Thank you


For a reference

I prefer /cobalt/ or /solarize Dark/ those are two of the color schemes in gedit (text editor).


Couldn’t agree more.
I know they can walk and chew gum at the same time, but I read about features like this that they wish to add, and I’m just blown away. I mean, how about an Excel API hook into our sales data? With that, we’d have access to all of our data, in any format we desire…and instead “dark mode”, is important. Really?


Are you using a Windows or Apple PC?


Dark mode forever.

Also, can we get an Apple Watch app? Nothing crazy - just dashboard stats.


I would love to have a native dark mode setting.


I would like dark mode as well. I would have it enabled how It would be great if it could detect system settings as default.


OT, but cancellation WAS totally broken. The new system isn’t 100% better than what it replaced, but it’s a considerable improvement that cancellations are now inline with unshipped orders.


You are right. An important item to change would be getting rid of the tricky return reason of Item Defective/Doesn’t Work. Defective or not in working order is one thing, doesn’t work for me is another.


At work I am on a Windows Desktop

My personal computer is an apple laptop


They don’t need to do anything, you can change now in your settings and use dark mode right away, they never do that when you can do it for yourself.


Would love this!