Dark Mode Seller Feedback Wanted


not working here.


Yes, pleas!


Yes please!


where’s the how to? i got my background to go dark.


I am on Windows 7…so a little dated.

Newer OS may have a different method to do so. Just google it


so, we’re tossing out a get it right freeby.


i turned on what i could find but it had no effect on amazon. everything else is dark.


yes please. ASAP.


yea it basically is now. all the other sites and services i use allow a dark mode. Why does it bug you so much. If you do not like it you do not have to use it… but its a very easy thing for amazon to implement.


That was one of our big complaints when they ended the old forum and started the new one. It was too white and bright. Its been years and you’re just getting around to it?!


It doesn’t bug me (although I have no personal desire for it, I liked when we migrated from black backgrounds to white back in the olden days of the IBM PC 5150 & XT 5160s and really preferred the whole black text on white background that colored displays and MCGA/VGA provided. Dark mode always feels so backward and punk/retro to me). I just have a whole laundry list of other things, I would rather have added, fixed, and removed first.


I think the Forum mods are monitoring this #site-feedback category differently than in the past, but you need to start your own topic on a specific issue for visibility.


Already shared them in a previous topic. Apparently, I’m way out in right field on prioritizing coding resources on Seller Central and some other issues.


Start a new topic in this category, focusing on one issue/request.

@The_Sawle_Mill …or just complain in other topics without exercising the full range of proactive individual actions you could take, whatever :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


YES GIVE US DARK MODE, much appreciated.


agreed, but this is more likely to succeed. even this new law being voted has it’s light and dark side.


Given my nature, and how most of my activity is at night, dark mode would be a nice offering for my eyes. I know that every site I go to offering it has it set as a setting.


Why now? They have been making changes NOT BASED on what sellers want or need for ages.

Why don’t you get back to them that most sellers want the cancellation requests back in the messaging system where is it easy to find & we need to check it every 24hrs anyway.


I hope it will be useful


I spend all day in Seller Central. dark mode would be great