How can I report buyer?


I am selling my products here in Brazil, I provide real tracking number and when a fraud buyer claims that product not received, Amazon gives a full refund although the tracking number showes that the damn fraud buyer received the product, Amazon does not see any evedence offered by the seller.


Did you get a signature of the customer to prove it was in the named customers posession?


On carrier official web site the name of the person who received the item was shown, but Amazon does not care, always has an automatic answer they copay and paste the same answer * we provide a full refund since you did not show an evidence*


What evidence? Tracking is not proof of delivery.

This is no different for selling within the U.S.

If you buy enough online you will eventually become aware of this through first hand experience. That package that tracking “proves” was delivered to you, has in fact never shown up at all.

Amazon is not alone in declaring that tracking is not proof of delivery. Only Signature proves delivery.

For those selling within the U.S., Amazon also provides some protection from claims of non-receipt for those who purchase their shipping labels through Amazon. But that will not help you in Brazil.

You do not know that the buyer is making a fraudulent claim.