I Say Goodbye to Amazon


I see nothing wrong with what you posted and wish that some of the folks on here would grow up and quick ‘reporting posts’ that melts their snowflake…SMH…



Love your no principle policy…


if you can manage to sell on your website, great! Avoid amazon at any cost.
if not… well :frowning:

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This is the fallacy of “arguing from the conclusion.” The platform will remain the largest as long as people hang around, regardless of the level of abuse, simply because it is the largest platform available.


amazon just recently tackled this issue to “make benefit of the great nations of non-us sellers.” - op may have missed this.


well strictly phallically speaking, it will be around as long as there’s meat to grind


Wow! A lot of sellers insanely disappointed with Amazon and hope it will pay its price for it.


Keep on hoping……
Last time they were called in for a hearing in congress it looked like Amazon was the teacher and congress the student……


You must’ve been choosing some really poor books because I’ve been selling books for 3 years and only had that happen once… and even now I think it might’ve just been me forgetting to check if I was able to sell it or just assumed I’d be ungated…


I will say goodbye to Amazon too. Just someone in and someone out from the gamble.


ANOTHER vendor gone from Amazon! If 3,026,895 more vendors hang it up I will be selling on here by myself! Just me and Amazon and their out of control bots and their multi-millionaire executives and their countless rules and regulations and their fees, fees, fees, fees, did I mention fees, and their insane return policy!


Every day more than 3,000 new sellers create an Amazon account. Attrition is required.


Why are you telling us, do you really think my day evolves around your decision?

So what is the REAL agenda behind your post?


Paid Etsy shill?


Possibilities are endless.

Etsy is another tech joke, I closed our account on that website in support of one of my customers. Their account was shut down for selling cut off range brass to the jewelry makers (head stamp end only). This happened several years back, I just woke right back at them. I hit them where it hurts, the lack of money.


I complained about Amazon’s spoiled customer policy, but no steps were taken to solve these problems, so I shared my feelings on the forum.
Please note that if you are a complainer you have the option to ignore it.


There are 9.5 million Amazon sellers globally.

9,499,999 vendors left to go, don’t let the door hit you in the heinie on your way out!