Amazon is stealing our $$$$


Answer the question-is your account suspended for any reason at all?


Did you just want to rant? Unless I missed it, you haven’t replied to anyone in a thread you started asking for help. There are many questions that need to be answered, by you, before anyone can help. If you already figured it out, let us know, people are wasting time responding to a thread that the you have checked out of seemingly.


Amazon wouldn’t steal from you and they want you to succeed


amazon WILL FIND any “means” of keeping your $$. They will even “Explode” a bin with ALL of your items (KEEPING IT), IF yo were to make a payment to it - 1 day late?!?!


jesus, a bit harsh lol


Sorry you’re stressed… I think it will be ok. But I would like to add… OMG $53 thousand dollars!!! Please pop a bottle of champaign - that’s really awesome. You made it! This stress will pass… everything will work out. But take a minute and pat yourself on the back – If I made $53,000 my husband would think I was a genius.


How is Amazon a supplier? It seems like the relationship is the other way around, if anything.


That’s a pretty bold, and overweight, statement from someone who is not familiar with the intimate details of this specific issue. Also, in some states giving legal advice opens you up to a slew liability lawsuits. Especially if you’re not licensed to practice law. This is why most legal blogs have a disclaimer.


“Your giving Amazon terms and it is normal for suppliers to give terms” you can infer that you are the supplier in that statement.

Your supplier, be it materials or manufacturer could be giving you terms.


I’m wearing pants and the president is wearing pants so I can infer that I am the president. I don’t think that’s how logic works.

A supplier provides goods for resale in exchange for payment, even though they could sell in a different venue at retail for a larger margin. Terms are provided by the supplier with payment coming down the road. I provide goods to the Amazon marketplace and in return they give me some of the money from the sale at a later date (if I’m lucky). That seems closer to a supplier. Amazon doesn’t even break out vendor central and 3PS sales, so I’m not sure they could consider us different from a supplier, at least in their financials. [they only report total retail sales, which includes made-by-amazon, 1PS, 3PS and ad sales … this might be to hide the fact that 1PS loses money, which might make regulators twitchy, or to obscure the fact that ads are their cash cow and in fact the primary product they are trying to sell you]


Like so many today your leaning on logic but do not coorelate the context. Two poeple wearing pants in the context of thier occupation does not coorelate to two retailers in the context of the supply chain.