Getting Paid has changed


That may be the case for you, but it is not the case for everyone. I have been selling here for 15 years. I used to get paid as soon as shipment was confirmed and could disburse daily. Yes, I WAS grandfathered in also.

However, 2 years ago something changed. It had to do with changing my credit card on file. Now, I can still disburse daily - IF there’s money available, but that’s a BIG IF!

Now, funds don’t become available until 7 days after delivery, or if no tracking number, then 7 days after the last estimated delivery date (supposedly) . Which is total BS.
Thing is, even 7 days after delivery, my funds STILL aren’t available. I’ve contacted support - they just say “case transfered” and I never hear from anyone again. If I open another case, I get threatened with suspension for opening a duplicate case. My funds do eventually become availabe - but like a month after I’ve shipped.

I am furious about this, and my blood pressure is up again talking about it. OP, I feel for you. It is the absoutely sh**iest thing Amazon can do to loyal sellers.


Thank you for sharing. This is called payment integrity - if payments system does not autheticate/execute when expected or late. The code for this payment system is 10-15 years old is my guess while the payments world has had 2/3 major iterations during this time.

with upgrade, they could use data to pay us earlier, they could pay us instantly and could make sure things are correct. If we ship to WA it can take 4 weeks to get paid - what makes it most silly is other platforms (that the amazon fanboys say are craP) have much better payment systems - ebay did a major upgrade and developed thier own platform (to boot paypal) in one year… it can be done IF Amazon invested in 3P sellers


If you are disbursing daily, maybe you have been flagged as having a cash flow problem.


I’ve also been selling for 15 years, I had no idea that some sellers were on this “payments based on delivery” schedule, what an awful system, I can’t believe Amazon switched you over to that, so sorry :pensive:


Do you have an Individual selling account? That’s what I have, and Amazon switched me to this payment system two or three years ago, without warning or notice. From what I’ve seen on these forums I think it’s possible that they’ve been slowly converting all Individual accounts, no matter the longevity or account health, to this slow-drip payment plan.

Like @momma_bear I had been grandfathered in to the old daily-disbursement option, but now funds are never available for disbursement until at least 7 days post-delivery, sometimes longer.


I am a great grandfather in life and on here…I can disburse once every 24 hours. Been on here since 2001 and great grandfathered in…lol


I just checked my account and am scheduled for my regular bi weekly payment on Tuesday and it will pay out everything marked mailed through Tuesday morning. I have a professional account, if that makes any difference.


I just checked mine and it is the same as it has always been. Not sure when it is available but I am FBA, so they are the ones shipping it. So that may also make the difference.


I have noticed that my disbursment cut off time does not seem to be honored like it used to be. First my dis used to come at 6am Thurs morn, now it comes at midnight. Also used to be everything I shipped before the cutoff would go into the disbursment, now it seems about 10% of it is being withheld, even though it was shipped.


I think the disbursement policy may be based on where you started your account, as in what jurisdiction. I know people in other states that have much different disbursement schedules than I do, or can disburs whenever they want.


Back when I started on amazon in 2001 everyone was able to disburse once every 24 hours. I don’t think it had anything to do with location.


hasnt it always been this way… until you ship an order and its delivered?


I changed from pro account to individual for a few months. Once I went back to pro they have been delaying my payments like the OP said. I’ve been selling on amazon for over 12 years and am furious at this change like another poster mentioned.


Why would a seller get paid before Amazon has confirmation the product arrived? That is as bad as RFS.


It is based upon past performance. I have been shipping same day for over 20 years now.


(my bold above)…

I absolutely refute this thus: if this were true the forums would be on fire with the news. With multiple threads and hundreds of people hollering.


So the first part of that system was ok but the often bothered you? Missed the key point - 15 years old is acceptable?


Apparently everyone “Missed the key point”. :laughing::laughing:

The crazies come out of the woodwork on the weekend, don’t they? :laughing:


We determine the exact number of days based on an assessment of your overall risk and historical performance, with the default being 7 days after delivery date (“DD+7” policy).


In my 21 years on amazon they have never messed up a payment on me once.