Getting Paid has changed


From my experience, it’s been this way for many years, if not forever.
Amazon does hold some funds in reserve, in case some products have not been delivered.

Basically they hold it for about 7 days (after delivery) to make sure the customer has no complains
about the product.

Although this can be a pain for some small business owners (since having cashflow is always beneficial). This system also helps to protect your Amazon account, as you will always have the funds necessary for refunds.


Eu estou tendo problemas com meus pagamentos, nunca sei a data que irei receber. Enviei um produto a mais de 1 semana, achei que receberia o valor agora dia 15, mas pelo jeito vai ficar pro dia 30, mas tambem sem certeza pq nunca tem nada que possamos nos programar. E tambem o frete, sempre aparece pra mim que o cliente pagou o valor X no frete, dai eu contrato a transportadora, pago do meu bolso na esperança de receber o reembolso desse valor do frete depois, mas nunca é reembolsado e muitas vezes acabo ficando no prejuizo


No, that’s not it. 100% positive it happened when I changed my credit card on file. Had to verify my identiy again and all that.
Can’t make a daily disbursement anymore anyway - there’s not funds available that often.
And to add insult to injury, for some reason the cost of current shipping is deducted from my available funds. Sure seems like double dipping to me. And I can’t find a report to make sense of all of it.


It’s not happening to just individual sellers - I am a pro seller. Although, 2 years ago, when this mess started, I think there was one month that I didn’t pay a fee - due to my credit card being compromised and needing to change it. So possibly I got bumped to an individual seller for a month and then back to professional - and the one month as an individual triggered this mess? I really don’t know.
I sell seasonally, and was not actively selling when all of this occured, which is why a month without paying my monthly fee initially slipped by unnoticed.


You need to be prepared to wait 3 weeks, thats the price we pay for being small sellers. Blessings and all the best.


You must mean Amazon is deducting the cost of shipping labels when you purchase the label through Amazon. Well of course they deduct it from your funds. You do have to pay for the label. And how on earth is charging you for a shipping label double dipping?

Transaction view on the payments page shows you details.


WOW. Seriously April? Why on earth would you make such an assumption?? Of course they charge me for the labels I buy. Of course they deduct it from my funds.

I sell a product, and weeks later the money becomes available. So, for example, when I start my day, say that I see that $100 is available to withdraw. I don’t withdraw it, but continue to process my orders. I spend $75.00 on shipping that day, and then after I’m done, only $25 is available to withdraw. Why? Why are my current shipping charges being deducted from my past sales - sales from weeks ago? Someone else above mentioned this as shiping funds being taken from the back end - or something like that. I don’t have time to go look for it right now, but that is the same thing I’m referring to.

Hopefully you understand now. And I am quite familiar with “transaction view” and no it does not help with this problem.

You know, I remember when you were brand spanking new here, April. You were a much nicer person then.
More people should follow @dogtamer 's example. He is always polite and doesn’t make ridiculous assumptions.


The $100 in your account is the amount of available funds. They are deducting the current shipping charges from the funds currently in your account. It is cash accounting. April was correct in her response to you, even if you didn’t like it.


It always used to be: total sales price - Amazon fees - shipping cost = funds that would become available as soon as I shipped an item. The income and deductions were near each other in transaction view - all showing the order number they pertained to. The settlement period showed the orders I was being paid for.

Now, however, that is not the case. For example, if I look at my settlement period from 6/11/22-6/15/22, it shows the orders I shipped on those days, and the shipping labels I purchased for them. HOWEVER, I was not paid for those orders! I won’t be paid for them for weeks! But the shipping for them was deducted! It’s cash accounting you say. Well fine, but that doesn’t make it right.

At the beginning of the transaction view, it starts with “Previous statement’s unavailable balance” then shows all of the orders I shipped during those dates, as well as the shipping labels I purchased for them, and ends with “Unavailable Balance”. There are ZERO details as to what those “unavailable” balances contain! There is NO WHERE that shows what orders I’m actually being paid for. Previous unavailable balance + all the orders in transaction view - all the shipping labels in transaction view - Unavailable Balance does not equal my disbursement amount! This is total BS.

I didn’t say Amazon was double dipping. I said it seemed like it. Previously shipping was taken right out of that order’s income. Now, that is not the case!

April said
Well of course they deduct it from your funds You’re right, she was correct in saying this.
You do have to pay for the label. Yep, she was right again.

But what she said first
You must mean Amazon is deducting the cost of shipping labels when you purchase the label through Amazon (as being the reason I was upset) IS WRONG. That is not at all what I meant.
Being snarky, rude and sarcastic was wrong as well.

I would like to thank you both for reminding me why I typically do not bother commenting in this toxic forum nor posting here for help. Lesson (re)learned.


Based on your response to my factual, non-snarky post, better you don’t. Thanks for playing, though.


I do not agree too the change of payment, as there are good customers, there are also bad customers who take the opportunity to return the product and say that it has been altered or is counterfeit.