A -Z Claim -- Fraud by Customer and Amazon Employees


I hear a lot of tough talk from this seller in this response, but the fact is the rest of us wake up in the morning to try to make a living, not stand on ceremony and spend all week trying to exact revenge in some lowlife over a fifty dollar wallet. Nothing in this world is quick and no effort is cheap. I cannot even imagine the police giving a darn about something like what we are describing.


I am going through the same case but with another carrier. the customer claimed he did not receive the order, though we sent him POD and a picture of the item at his door.
amazon granted him the claim, then when we appealed, amazon said they lifted their decision but still the money is not refunded back to us and the dent in our account.


I also face this issue many times. But Amazon didn’t make any action against this fraud. Amazon always support them. Like a monarchy system. The didn’t give rights to the seller to say anything. Either they also didn’t make any of the investigation for the a to z claim they always support the buyer. If we open the case against the fraud buyer. Amazon will say that that was not possible. It means what Amazon says only that was possible. The seller words have no value. The Amazon is only an monarch. And do what the company wants to do. They will suspended any time any account. Without any reason.
They need better staff also so they can understand our problems.


If the A-to-Z reviewers are in different countries such as India or some countries in South America, those people will care less. The servicing quality of those people are not as good as seller support in US and their knowledge of Amazon selling polices is poor too. Most importantly, they have zero local business and culture knowledge about North America Marketplaces.

If you have strong evidence, send a letter to the legal department of Amazon. If you really want to go far, try to find a law firm who has experiences in dealing with Amazon.


I had a person send back an item used with a stain on it. I took very clear pictures and sent them to Amazon in a Safety Claim after it had been refunded at first scan. They reimbursed me 20% of the item value and didn’t even throw in the return shipping I had to pay. They wouldn’t allow an appeal because the claim had been “approved”.


I have tried this with 2 expensive items, one on Ebay and one on Amazon, my local police depart 20 miles outside of Philadelphia will take a report over then phone but nothing will happen


It’s a shame how the Amazon support system is the enemy of the Amazon seller. The entire dept. should be reorganized. Try to ask them what you could have done differently to avoid the problem in the future and see how they evade answering the question and eventually block all further inquiry into the matter; Effectively adding insult to injury.


The reason customers spill up everything is that we openly email him on the amazon platform that his MAC Address is traceable, so do IP Addresses on MAG Hardware, He panics and tries to change the story when to push with multiple responses, he briefly spills the bag of worms, he wanted to close the case but A-Z Claim was already processed. There is a saying when you open your mouth, the words that go out can’t be recalled, and that is what happened in our case, we were not even aware of this kind of scam people run.

Everyone has a different opinion, We respect their feedback, we learn as we grow but we don’t make it up unless it happen, You may be lucky that you are not in our shoes, and hope you don’t have to go through what we went, just wanted to info and get some idea how to approach our case history and to make another honest seller aware to be careful about this A-Z Claim Scam that is real.

Again we appreciate your feedback and we are learning new every sec. Thank you.


Anyone who thinks Amazon follows their A to Z policies is wrong. We have been ripped off multiple times, and still lose the appeal even when we clearly make our case and show Amazon their actual policy.


Speak of the devil!

Since we are talking about fraud and how Amazon creates the problem. I had a customer ask for a refund on a $40 book stating they received the wrong book. I know I sent the correct book because I am the one who entered in inventory.

I just got the return and the book they have sent back is not the one I sent them. Since I have no photo or video of the shipment that I packed, I can’t even appeal it to Amazon. Yes, I am out only the .50 cents I paid for the book, but I lost $40 in sales along with the cost of shipping for sending it and returning it. So technically I am out about $10.

So, back to everyone’s point. Losses like this are what we have to deal with and hope our business is strong enough to handle these outright thefts.

I am in the process of moving to another state. When I do get there, I will be buying a camera that will sit on top of my shipping desk that will record every shipment packed for proof.


I have almost daily issues for items I ship via UPS. I open a case with UPS to GPS trace the location of the carrier and use their response to file our own SAEF-D claim and/or appeal a claim opened on the buyer side. We should not have to act as a 3rd party insurance to cover a package left on a buyers property; this is what home owner’s insurance and policy reports of theft are for.

If the refund stands, I still open a claim with UPS showing Amazon is documenting the order was not received and refunded the buyer; this works in most cases.

I also open an “report abuse” case to report this buyer in Amazon.

Lastly, our shipping system track the Amazon’s email address for this buyer and we tag this address as a bad buyer so that we catch any future orders and cancel them with a reason for undeliverable shipping address as if we have shipped there before and the package was not delivered, this seems appropriate to avoid the high risk of another theft. Unlike eBay, you have no way to block a buyer on the front end.


AZ claim makes the order ineligible for Safety Claim.


This happened to me too. I shipped a couple items worth $92, the cs said she only received an empty package with a stamp from USPS informing her that the box was shipped empty. I have proof that I delivered this item to USPS and got a receipt because they weighed it. The box was fine. Yet, she was able to open an AZ claim and got her money back. I submitted a claim with USPS but they never did anything about it. Yes, Amazon sucks big in some situations.


Not limited to Amazon. I had one on Walmart the other day. It was only an $8 bag of candy that would fit in a mailbox, and when I filed a lost package with USPS, the GPS scanner showed appropriate delivery. Imagine that!! :open_mouth: I refunded anyway.


So how much are you willing to be ripped off for before its too much?


A-Z Claim is a joke and needs to be deleted.


Exactly. These fraud-related expenses are not coming out of my pocket, they are coming out of my/Amazon’s honest customers, and that’s just an incredibly shortsighted way to operate. But Amazon would rather have every customer, even the bad ones. That’s their business model, endless expansion. Turns out Earth isn’t even big enough for them.


I appreciate the question but the point remains the same, my goal is this business is similar to my goal when it comes to love. I have no overriding need to be right. If being right and proving it means being alone, I don’t need to be right, and if being right and proving it disrupts my opportunity to build my business, I don’t need to be right.

Do you consider the five dollar wallet at selling price or cost when you ask how much is one willing to be ripped off? Just wondering.

Also, I guess if I have to answer, my best answer is that if, the situation overall, ever forced me to consider that question, I’d deem and determine this business model to no longer be useful and move on, not fight the crooks all day while I travel the road to starvation. I am impressed that you got the cops involved, please don’t get me wrong, I love the story, - but for me, I have high blood pressure and I wouldn’t have the patience or ability to get that done. I know my limits.

My daughter is much more capable than I am in those areas you describe. For her, and evidently for you, its a valid path to take. For me, it would not be. I’m just not good at stuff like that.



So much wisdom in your post. You and I are probably at the same place in our lives where we don’t sweat the small stuff anymore. We’ve learned that it’s just not worth it in the long run.
I must admit though that when the pandemy started and I had more and more items not received complaints that I took it personally and emotionally too at first but it didn’t last very long. Like a few others have said here, there are shoplifters in a brick and mortar business too so what’s the big deal.


Its no different if you come into my brick & mortar store and attempt to shoplift. We will get you a free set of steel bracelets, a free ride to central booking, and a police record (possibly in addition to the one you already have).

Amazon has allowed “shoplifting” to become a career without fear of arrest since Amazon will do NOTHING to stop the scammers.

I understand your situation and the reasons you run YOUR business the way YOU see fit. For me its a matter of principle, I refuse to be a victim of anyone.

Best of luck.