Negative feedback


Your nickname says otherwise though :sweat_smile:
Joke aside, I believe you didn’t purchase the label on Amazon though. Just keep in mind, Amazon sometimes remove feedbacks automatically if you buy the label on Amazon and ship it on time.


Thank you for your comment. As soon as I learned that the order would be canceled due to shipping, I informed the customer. I canceled the order and got a refund. Gave 1 star after 3 weeks.


it certainly is. Satisfied customers reported their satisfaction via message, but did not leave feedback. My fear is that it will lower my sales because it’s my first comment.


Then unfortunately it sounds like you earned negative feedback. You should not be listing anything you can not get shipped in a timely manner.


You didn’t have the item in stock?
You can only list and make available the inventory you have in stock ready to ship.
It sounds like you’re doing dropshipping. The negative feedback is deserved, it’s on you.


Tancouver CA. If you sent the package within a day or two of printing the label, and it got delayed by the post office or UPS, how is that your fault? I feel that Amazon absolutely should remove that feedback, or at least strike it so it does not affect your seller metrics. I also personally feel that Amazon is too hard on sellers when it comes to feedback removal. Amazon needs to be fair to sellers as well as to buyers. They need to get a out a new rule. That needs to be this: Please contact the buyer to resolve the issue before leaving negative feedback. If the issue isn’t resolved to your satisfaction, then welcome the feedback. But at least give sellers a chance!


Handling times are 1-2 days. When you print the label, that means the handling period is over and it has shipped. If you are waiting one or two days after printing the label before it gets into the carrier’s hands, you need to include that time in your shipping delivery estimates.


Hahahahaha! That is never going to happen. Amazon views sellers as fungible. As soon as you understand and embrace that fact, your experience here will vastly improve.


I hear you Lefties. Amazon also makes money off sellers, it’s not a free service. And sellers are also consumers of Amazon products. They really need to get with the program. This is 2022, and sellers need to have rights and they need to stop treating them like peons.


Striking of feedback

Amazon might strike-through feedback in the following cases:

  • The order was fulfilled by Amazon : The entire comment relates explicitly to delivery experience for an order fulfilled by Amazon (FBA). In addition to the strike-through, the following statement will appear: This item was fulfilled by Amazon, and we take responsibility for this fulfillment experience.
  • The order was shipped using the Buy Shipping service : The entire comment is related to a delayed or undelivered order, which you shipped on time by using Buy Shipping services. In addition to the strike-through, this statement will appear, “The fulfillment issues associated with this order were not due to the seller”.


What about if a product gets damaged by the post office or UPS, and someone decides to leave you negative feedback, and not answer your request for removal. Why should that have anything to do with your seller metrics. I hope Amazon sees that and adds it.


That feedback is due to the seller and their handling of the product. Sellers are fully responsible for how products are packaged and shipped, whether DTC or FBA.