Tis the season.... 🚩


Some of us have been on the Forums for quite a while.
We remember the SoapBox days.
We remember the Jive Platform.
The flaming wars.
The down voting.
And on this iteration, the flagging of a posters every post by a cadre of ill-intentioned flaggers.
Some knew of a bug that allowed for editing of posts that was not signaled with the software.
This allowed for posts to be rewritten to appear innocuous when they stared as trash talking and bad information.
At least two posters had been Perma Banned over their actions in those thread wars.
The difference is that it took a long time and much evidence of bad intentions and actions to get Perma Banned.
I am all for communication even if I do not support the viewpoint as that is what discourse is about and how we make common cause with others.
Meeting in the middle is what we are supposed to do when it comes to negotiations versus this my way or no way actions of a few.


Well, Lady Voldemortess1 is always lurking, so…

1 = A tip o’ the old straw boater is in order for our friend @Tried_Tested, from whom I shamelessly ‘stole’ that appellation for She Who Must Not Be Named


And the Forum is the worse for it.


The forum is what ever the mods and Amazon want it to be, although @SEAmod did say the other day:

But this is just out of control. A flag should not be a “downvote” and should not be allowed to be used as a weapon.


A very large weapon today


We remember the SoapBox days.

Way better than what we have today.

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: for the long-lost Seller Soapbox.


it Jyna.


Even given the fact that certain of the Flame Wars back then all too-frequently rose to an unconscionable level of vitriol, there was a starkly-evident unifying principle which underpinned most everyone who participated: they were savvy Business Professionals who’d sensed a new opportunity for plying their wares.

That same sensing of opportunity remains in play today - but Amazon’s wildly-unprecedented success has had the unfortunate side effect of attracting a horde of sellers who are decidedly not Business Professionals - all too-often, sadly enough, not even capable of demonstrating much in the way of savviness in any aspect of Life - and more’s the pity that such is so-demonstrably the case.


As always, very eloquently put. You make me regret skipping all those english classes in high school :wink:


I have been scrambling ever since my own truancy in that regard to make up for lost ground! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Haha. You basically asks for it


A flag in your eyes could be painful.


Thank you Forum…goodnight :slightly_smiling_face:


You are not seeing the entire picture with this.

  1. Your post is now viewed by ALL that visit the thread, its called rubber necking.

  2. When you hit a nerve with the mob that will happen. This is a good thing if you are analyzing market place seller profiles.

  3. It also proves how correct your post is, I have only seen a few on here that most certainly needed removed by the “moderators” NOT flagged.

4.This should have been #2 in the list, its an extremely power tool for social manipulation, I will not go any further with that.

  1. Activist sellers become giddy when they can join the pile on and attack others. This is enabled by lack of transparency in a “public” social place.

6 Notice how you can view who liked the post with the heart…

Lack of transparency for “flagged” is used by social manipulators and image crafters to steer users into social behavior they are trying to encourage.

Pretty sure that is part of the reason a platform like this was selected.


or given.


Hey, why not use the same code that allows customers to rate products to allow us to rate comments on seller forum posts? It’s code that’s already written; just treat every comment as a product of its creator (which it is). Add in the ability to filter by score (again, code already deployed on product searches), and then readers can choose how far down into the weeds they want to get when visiting a post.

Heck, you could even create a “Commenter Health Score” using existing code.


I was put in time out yesterday, so yeah it was happening.


I’m pretty sure I pointed that out on one of my posts yesterday before I was put in time out.

It starts out that all the “real people” give answers and once the OP doesn’t get what they want, all of these no avatar, goofy name accounts post in favor of OP. However, that seems to be how all of Amazon is working now.


While I did spend the weekend in the penalty box, Amazingly, I stayed out on the ice all day.

I must being doing something wrong, I only got flagged and repressed a couple of times, once for linking to a related thread in the forums, and once for a screen shot of how to mute others on the forum. Which is super benign for me.

(for those with Degrees in International Relations and Economics from Boston University, benign means harmless or innocuous)


Someone was asleep at the wheel because I swear that I noticed that nearly all of your posts were flagged. Funny thing is that I’m also pretty sure none of your posts on the Inflation topic are apparently ok with the group.