Tis the season.... 🚩


I think there’s two reasons -

  • Some flaggers are weak, whiny babies who wouldn’t have the courage to speak up if they were face to face with someone, and enjoy the power of being a tough guy through anonymity
  • Some flaggers are only sporadic forum users and are unaware of the backstory behind a particular post or poster. The bad posters’ bad behavior is done specifically to manipulate these casual forum users and try to rile them up against those of us who do see their behavior for what it is.

For example, I had a post flagged earlier that questioned the sincerity of a trouble-making poster. He presented a phony (in my belief) scenario that, if true, would have deserved to elicit compassion and guidance from the forum community. However, myself and many other ‘regulars’, are familiar enough with this poster’s behavior to question the validity of what he said.

It’s very similar to pan-handlers you see on the street. How many of us believe the sob stories they have written on their cardboard signs? How many more of us would give money to them if we knew that every one’s story was actually true?

The forum posters who get our ire are similar to the panhandlers making up phony sob stories because they don’t want to work for a living. It’s insulting, offensive, and utterly disrespectful to the people who actually do have real problems, as well as the people they’re trying to con into helping them.

Some of the flaggers are too naive to understand they’re being taken for a ride and the bad posters are simply wasting everyone’s time, and taking resources away from those who actually need real assistance, and doing it for no reason but their own entertainment.

These misguided flaggers flag * us * because they’ve fallen for the sob story of the bad posters and don’t realize it’s nothing more than manipulation and deserving of any snark or less-than-kind comments it receives. :woman_shrugging:


There is a word… It rhymes with Howard, towered, flowered, or something I think.


Kenny Rogers once identified this “word”. :face_with_monocle:


This has nothing to do with gambling my friend.:rofl:


Gambling is illegal in some Counties.


That would put them in the danger zone… Oops wrong Kenny musician.


Spot on.

We have had the same flagging experience for calling out this poster even
when responding to posts that involved rooting for and celebrating the demise
of other sellers and even specifically calling for physical harm to both buyers and sellers.

We just ignore them now knowing that it seems all the regulars have caught on.

We figured we would just stop feeding the illness / beast but it is still an illicit
joy to see others call them out.

While not disagreeing with your posted reasons, we would add that many
flagged posts here fall along ideological lines.

A lot of what happens here is just the same as it happens on Twitter and You Tube. :zipper_mouth_face:


hope all goes well trust amazon justice


:raising_hand_woman:‍♀ I flag for spam and personal insults of other users (or groups of users), and will “flag for mod directly” to recategorize a topic or remove personal information from a post. I will also flag posts for being off-topic if they will clearly lead the discussion away from OP’s issue.

:no_good_woman:‍♀ I do not flag just because I don’t like a specific user or disagree with an opinion, unless the “opinion” includes recommendations that directly violate policies and will lead the OP (or others) into deeper danger.


It is nice, to at least, see a set of criteria of why some users flag
and why they don’t.

Flagging is built into the system we use here and everyone has the opportunity
to use it for whatever their personal criteria may be.

While we consider posts of ours that are flagged out of existence a badge of honor,
knowing that we are over the target… we personally do not like the flagging feature
as it is, because more often than not, it is misused.

We see it like a sports event where there are players, fans and officials.

Boy how the players and fans would love to have the ability to throw the flags…
but that is best left up to the officials (Mods) as they are at least supposed
to be more qualified to make those decisions.

Many posters have mentioned changing to the up and down vote system
instead of the flagging system.

We agree with this approach, if there has to be one at all.

This would allow all posts to stand and a user could still determine how
accurate or agreed upon any particular post is.

We have seen posts flagged and eventually removed that were actually
very accurate and helpful.

In any event we are amusingly curious when posts of ours are flagged that
are pictures, complete with ASIN, of items in Amazon’s catalog that are
related to the topic.

Without explanation, we simply have to assume that many things in the
Amazon catalog are offensive to the Forum community… :sunglasses:


There are a few messages that make us grateful when they get flagged, as it means the message was received by the intended recipient.




I see this often with @racingroxstore, unfortunately for everyone. :unamused:


If they are such sensitive snow flakes that they feel the need to constantly flag everything, then clearly an internet forum isn’t the place for them anyway.

I’d like to see persistent false flaggers banned. It would be a kindness to all concerned both them and us (not to mention the mods) to eject them from the forum for their disruptive behaviour.


Well I know for a fact that Gambling is illegal in Bushwood.


You’re a better woman than I am, Gunga Din.

I, however, take a medieval approach: I just flag every post I read, and let God sort it out.

P.S. - just flagged your post to which I’m replying, in case you were wondering.


Seriously, tho’ - I second your approach.


Just stop it. :sunglasses:


This guy should get an award. 100% truth.


More today.


Even worse today. I expect this to get flagged