Tis the season.... 🚩


I’ve never clicked the flag button.


THIS!!! I want to see who has flagged the most times. There could be an actual REWARD.

Pretty sure in the NFL that Ref gets to work the Super Bowl.

Maybe on Amazon the person with the most flags could get hired to supervise the BUYER Support team so they could “assist” in correcting all the wrong minded sellers???



More flags than there are Refs???


Usual holiday grouchiness~~ plus pandemic woes, which just seems as if has always been w/ us. The WSJ states COVID cases(7 day average of daily cases) are 62% higher than first week in Nov. Omicron blues…

Will Santa bring us some good news, please?


I feel like a whole bunch of people thought they were writing letters to Santa but mixed up their postage and sent them to Satan instead.



Sa nta / Sa tan


From the looks of all those flags… there must be a head in that helmet!


Ladies and gentlemen, may I present Today’s Winner Of The Internet?


ok, very funny whoever you are. :grin:


I didn’t but wish I had because :joy::joy::joy:
:star_struck: And you are a great sport @RedWing!


Here ya go! :triangular_flag_on_post:


No Flags (soup) from/for you!

:triangular_flag_on_post: are broken.


I believe that there are a number of very thin-skinned new sellers who just want a shoulder to cry on rather than to fix their problems, so anything that is constructive criticism gets flagged for not being sympathetic enough.

When I start seeing that kind of activity, I just delete my constructive posts.

My view is that when people really don’t want help, I will stop helping. Let them figure out the solutions for themselves.

Not sure if it is “woke-ism” or just immature people that want to whine.

However, regardless, time is better spend helping those who want help rather than those who need help.

Such is life.


I agree that being Woke is not a negative. However, when people start to believe that a crusade against everything that is not exclusively supportive and positive, is necessary, that in itself becomes the problem. Common sense is still necessary as is fixing problems even without providing exceptional sympathy.

I have absolutely no problem with people seeking or supporting justice.

However, misguided interpretations of that what justice is can also be a problem.

Regardless, this too shall pass. Hopefully, something positive still comes out of it all.


It’s whiners.


I see it as: the younger generations being coddled more (and you cannot say it isn’t happening, I see it everyday in public and online) and/or it is non English speakers and translators can only do so much with the actual words and even then it is not exact.


The False Flags seem to be flying again.


It was nice while it lasted.


And inappropriate flagging is back.

Seems to ramp up as soon as a thread is locked.


I have noticed that has been going on for a week or more now. I have never figured out why so many people do that. Most flags aren’t deserved at all!