Tis the season.... 🚩


Apparently people are still touchy about Richard Nixon and his policies…


Which one? EPA, China trade, Vietnam, Ending the Gold standard, Controlled Substances Act & DEA, Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaties, Lunar Landings, Pinochet in Chile, the Yom Kipper War, Price Controls, OSHA, elimination of the United States Post Office Department, Medicaid, HMO’s, Affirmative Action, ERA, Watergate? There are just so many, to choose from. If only tricky dicky had been a Democrat.


Nixon was great…I will not talk about my opinions regarding Jimmy Carter.


Well Carter’s list of accomplishments as President isn’t as grand a Nixon’s.
Let’s see Department of Education, Department of Energy, Three mile Island, gas lines, Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, Soviet grain embargo, Olympic Boycott, Sweaters, Peanuts, & Nobel Prize.


and so much more!


You forgot attacked by a rabbit





abri la cuenta de amazon handmade, saben si regresan el cobro de la mensualidad?



abri la cuenta de amazon handmade

You will have to open your own thread. This one is about FLAGS not handmade items…


This thread dates back to December 2021? That’s a pretty dad-burned old post. Can you say dad-burned on here without getting flagged? guess we’ll find out.


It’s updated as needed.


OK, that explains it. Excessive flagging is a very pertinent problem on this thread for sure.


On the whole forum


… Wow the forum needs a little chlorine over the past few weeks.


Hydrated Lime or Hydrochloric acid would also work in a pinch.


Yup, sorta like shocking a well.


Looks like the inappropriate flagging is back today!




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And again today.