A -Z Claim -- Fraud by Customer and Amazon Employees





you’re right. There is no need to apologize. I was just curious how come once in a while there was a bunch of posts from the US side on here.


US, our friendly neighbors in Canada, amigos from Mexico, and the Brazilians are all one big happy North American family right?


Technically Brazil is South America. North is just Canada, US and Mexico. Just one big ol’ dysfunctional family.



You & I know that but Amazon doesn’t.


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I mean, there is no other way for them to link Brazil to a unified NA account, right?


so true, so many scammers are here and the customer service reps are somehow supporting them because of the automated system. now, is this gonna stop NO, well, you need to work around it, consider this item loss, file claim with your carrier and see if you can cover that. i had two cases where the customer received the item and did not admit that but i have pictures of it at his door step and support granted them the AZ claim, the amazon said we uploaded the AZ decision but the wont refund my money or remove the violation from the account.


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not worth answering, you are repeating the inaccuracies of the first post. Saying wrong information a 2nd time does it make it more truthful. Be well.


You sound like a normal happy and well balanced person with good karma who contributes positively to the world around you.


I recently had an AtoZ count against me where we shipped on time and the buyer never contacted us.
I called Amazon to ask them to explain the AtoZ policy to me. They had me appeal, which had the original claim against me upheld. Now, they have transferred the case to the appeals team. It had been 9 days. I called yesterday to ask why no response, they told me this team takes a long time and it may take 30 days.
This is unacceptable. 60 days against my account if I’m actually at fault, 30 days on my account when I’m not?!?! Common Amazon, these cause me HUGE loss of sales.


If you attempt to tell the customer you will make a police report and the customer tells Amazon then Amazon dings your account with what they say is “threatening” behaviour. AMAZON is a straight up joke when it comes to this stuff! I have known a customer to rip me off with this and I still made a police report. Cop told me Amazon can not tell you that you can not make a police report when you believe there is criminal activity. Its the dumb ass sales reps at Amazon and not investigating anything and always siding with the buyer!

Trust me its frustrating. Just was ripped off again a few days ago with the auto return


Correct, Sellers have many (the least is Amazon’s reaction) to talk less, and do more. Instead of telling/threatening to file a report, just file it already. The customer doesn’t have any reason to know, more importantly telling them gives them an opportunity to hide the evidence.


Don’t threaten it, do it. Contact the customer outside of Amazon if needbe, and offer them the chance to abstain from their fraudulent behavior, advising them that legal action will be taken otherwise. And then make sure you are willing to follow through.


A fast sure way to end your Amazon selling privileges.


Incorrect. A customer will have no proof of said contact in this case, and Amazon has no right to prevent a seller from taking legal action when they are the victim of criminal activity.


Have you read the Agreement with Amazon?


Contracts do not supercede criminal law.


True, but while you have every legal right. Your contract does clearly indicate that exercising your rights in that fashion gives Amazon sufficient reason to disallow you continued access to their customers. You assigned Amazon your rights to pursue theft, etc. as they see fit on your behalf. If you want to take that right back, Amazon could conclude that you no longer wish for any other part of the contract to remain.